Other people make mistakes. Slow down

Here is my first post concerning Advertising! Exciting 😉

I have seen this commercial from New Zealand about road safety issues a couple weeks ago and I still think about it pretty often so it probably was pretty shocking! A good opportunity for me then to share it with you! Let me give you the chance to watch the video first!

Did it give you goosebumps? It did to me. What an impactful way of making people aware of their mistake on the road. The video is entitled “Mistakes” and as a matter of fact, it is not always our own mistakes that lead to terrible consequences but also mistakes from other drivers, like speeding.

The ad went viral and I understand why! In this commercial, time stops and the two drivers get the chance to talk to each other before the impact of the cars happens. The father of the kid begs the other one not to crush into his car, but they both realize that he is going too fast and that he will not be able to stop on time. Harsh reality…

The message of this video is really simple: “Other people make mistakes. Slow down”.  The video currently has 2.702.853 views on Youtube and the goal is to bring down the number of fatalities in New Zealand this year.


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