Goodbye my beloved friend

This story begins at the end of June, at the famous beach volleyball tournament in Frasnes where we have been going for like 10 years now. On that day, you told me that the doctors had seen spots on your latest pet scan. Maybe nothing to worry about, maybe not… We still had a lot of fun!


One week later, you told me that the cells were malignant and that your cancer was back… I just couldn’t believe it! I remember this day like it was yesterday…

However, nobody was worried at all… You were so strong and nobody EVER thought that everything could turn around and go bad… You had already defeated the first one like hell, like the fighter that you are, true to your personality. The treatment was going to be heavy and we knew it. But you would do it, we were damn sure of that. Everybody was…

I have so many memories with you… And since I was a little girl. Good memories like when you came to the Delmelle’s house, my neighbors, and when we would hang out in the woods, playing hunting games, treasure hunting, or just chill in their yard and play volleyball. Or even less good memories when you hit me super hard on a volleyball court! I remember, it hurt so bad in my face and you felt so sorry! Haha, that’s our Jean-sé, hitting without thinking :D! But you know what, if I could, I would let you do it again as many times as you want! So much fun… Life was then so simple and carefree. Who would have thought about what happened today?

When I came to see you at the end of November at the hospital, you were going to get out of your sterile chamber for the second time. I remember telling you “OMG, you look so great!”, you were just super bored and couldn’t wait to get out. We spent our time talking about volleyball and your coming back in the men’s team. You were so impatient, it makes me smile when I think about it… Geoffrey and I even gave you training volleyball pants, for when you would come back in January. I think you would have looked great in them!

All of this happened not so long ago… What? 2 months? And yet, you are not with us anymore.

A week ago, we had to let you go, to say goodbye, for good, one last time… January 14, 2014… A date graved in my mind as one of the saddest day of my life… What a hard day! Seeing that many people come to your funeral was according to me a real honor to you. You were so important to everyone! I don’t think I have ever seen that many tears in my life.

The most difficult and frustrating part is now the incomprehension. I am so lost… I have so many questions to ask LIFE. Why? Why you? Why now? I don’t know… Nobody does. Nobody ever will.

At least, I know you are not suffering anymore and I am pretty sure that you party from up there, with a Chimay bleue in your hand. It will take time to deal with your departure but we will make it, for you… And we will for sure always remember you. You were honored at your funeral but you can be sure that you will be even more, I will make sure of that.

We are a team. We are a family. And we lost a member of our family. You were a super great volleyball player, a wonderful coach but most importantly a great friend. Physically, you are not here anymore, but you are more than present in our minds and you always will… Goodbye, my beloved friend… Et santé, enculé de Jean-sé 😉






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