Troubadour Restaurant in Leuven

Since I live in Leuven, I have been 3 times to this restaurant: Troubadour. I find their dishes super yummy. All of their plates are nicely served and the choice on their menus is absolutely amazing. It is very hard to choose, as everything sounds so delicious. The price is definitely not too expensive, even for a student like me!

The first time I went there, I had Roquefort mussels and fries. A real delight! I love mussels but these were seriously on my top 3 list, one of the best that I have ever eaten. It was already in the fall and we ate outside of the restaurant, in a very cool little street at the back of the restaurant, with warming devices on top of the tables. The person I was with had a “mixed grill”, an assortment of grilled meat, served with raw vegetables and fries.


The second time, I ordered a cordon bleu grilled with mushrooms. Simple dish but delicious and at a good price (something like 15€). My brother had rib steak and it was a huge piece of meat. As we say in Dutch: Lekker eten!!

The third time, I had a flemish-style rabbit, cooked “à la flamande”, with prunes. AB-SO-LU-TE-LY stunning! That, you have to try, especially in a specialized dutch restaurant. I also had the chance to try the grilled endive sauce (sauce aux chicons au gratin) and I think I am going to ask for their recipe! 😀


For the anecdote, I became “friends” with one of the waiters. He served me the 3 times, a super nice guy originally from Beauvechain, who speak 4 languages fluently (French, Dutch, English, German) and also a little bit of Spanish. I always have a good laugh with him!


How do you get there?

Muntstraat 27 – 3000 Leuven

Tel: 016 22 50 65



Opening hours: 11:30 – 14:30 and 17:30 – 22:30. Closed on Tuesdays.


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