Mother-daughter time at Lady Marmelade

Since I got back from my year abroad in Chicago, I have gotten closer to my sweet mom. She is so wonderful and I love her like nobody else. You can’t find everywhere such a dedicated mom like she is. My mom is my treasure and I will always love her…

Today, she had the wonderful idea to go eat lunch together. So we did! At Lady Marmelade in Couvin, a really cute and refined English-inspired style of restaurant and tea room. When you push the door, it’s like entering a cocoon of softness, warmth and intimacy. The interior and the tableware make you go back in time, in your grandparents’ days. In this little restaurant, you are allowed to dive into your dreams, whether you are a child or not.

interior dehors

The cooking is 100% home-made, from the delicious cookies served with the tea to the bread. Lucille, the hostess, offers simple, original and seasonal dishes that are really more than affordable (7€ for a lunch meal). Lucille has originally followed a dietician education but decided to take her chance and realize her dream of owning a restaurant. She then carefully concocts recipes with vegetables from her garden and surprises you every day with new ideas: soups, quiches, pies, crêpes, crumbles, clafoutis, salads, pizzas, etc.

Another characteristic of Lucille’s restaurant is the Tea Room. She offers a huge choice of teas, in agreement with her English décor and ambiance.

For this lunch, I decided to begin with a fresh cabbage soup served with croutons, and then tried her succulent turnip and smoked salmon quiche, served with an aromatised salad and quinoa. It was absolutely delightful, and for such a great price!

photo 1

My mom ordered the endive tarte and found it absolutely amazing as well!

photo 2

As a conclusion, we can say that our taste buds went on a rollercoaster today, as everything was so tasty! I know I will definitely go back there!

Thank you, Lucille!

How do I get there?

Address: Rue de la gare 25 – 5660 Couvin

Tel: 0488/285154



Opening hours (restaurant): Fridays to Tuesdays, from 12 to 13:30.

Opening hours (tea room): Fridays to Sundays, from 14 to 18:00

Advice: as Lucille works by herself, don’t hesitate to book your table in advance to avoid inconveniences.


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