The Dauphines de Charleroi’s win against Blaasveld takes them to the playoffs

On Wednesday 29th, people from my volleyball club and I went to see one of the Dauphines de Charleroi’s game in Monceau-sur-Sambre, Ballens sport hall, against Blaasveld M Siks. The Dauphines assured their place on the playoffs by winning 3-0: 25-18; 25-15; 25-14

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It was not a very intense game and we were expecting this result as The Dauphines de Charleroi occupy the 2nd place on the League A ranking, and Blaasveld the last position.

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As a matter of fact, the girls of coach and trainer Steven Krokaert went up this year and joined the League A competition but they don’t seem to be able to make a difference and to hold their position on this championship. To my opinion, on the contrary to the Dauphines de Charleroi, they don’t possess one very outstanding player who is an important pillar and who you can count on to make the points.

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I usually rather like to go see the men’s team as it is so much more impressive due to the power they put in their hits, but I also really enjoyed the girls as it is much more strategically thought than just hitting very hard. I appreciated the number of basket hits and the various tactical placements. The Dauphine’s setter really impressed me, she was everywhere and her ball touch is very amazing. I personally became a big fan of number 14 on the Dauphines’ team, Martina Nosekova, who is according to me the best player of this team, with number 9 Kelly Oublié. The Dauphine’s team also possess great middle blockers, number 16 Hanne De Haes and number 18 Edina Dobi, who are very effective on the blocks.

I was a little surprised by the height of the girls who are not super tall like I expected, except maybe for number 18, one of the Dauphine’s middle blocker, who is 1m91 and comes from Hungary. The Dauphines’ team counts 5 belgians and Blaasveld’s entire team is Belgian, except for number 3 Vanessa Portela who is from Italy.

Anyway, it was a very enjoyable time with my volleyball club, a nice game to see. The only very big disappointment is the fact that nobody comes to see this great team. They really manage to play together and with each other super well, they really “find” each other on the court and are a really good team to come see play but the sport hall was not even ¼ full. It is a shame considering they play in the highest division in Belgium. I know volleyball is not a well-known sport but I find it very frustrating.

The Dauphines de Charleroi’s club was created in 1970 and reached the highest level at the end of season 88-89. Since then, the girls have known lots of success.

dauphines victoire coupe de belgique 2012

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