Chaumont-Cannes Ligue A French Championship: what a game!

Hello! I am back with an article over volleyball (again, I know!)!

Last Saturday, I drove 320 kilometers to France with my friend to see an awesome game and two great teams: Chaumont and Cannes.

Chaumont Volleyball:



AS Cannes Volleyball:



This game was a part of the 17th day of the French championship. Chaumont, who was playing at home, won the game 3-0 (25-22; 25-23; 25-18). I was a little disappointed since I was supporting AS Cannes, one of the greatest team of the French Championship. Pierre Pujol, setter of Cannes and team captain, definitely is one of the best and most impressive players that I have ever seen. The way the ball touches his hands is absolutely amazing and his game vision is also stunning. Here is an interview of him sharing his thoughts about his team and the competition (in French):

The game was really impressive, even though there were very few rallies. It was more about who hit the hardest. The power the players put in their hits was really impressive. Number 9 middle blocker from Cannes, Dmytro Pashytskyy, 2m05, really impressed me, as well as Chaumont’s number 14 Nathan Wounembaina, 1m98 who was according to me their best asset.

Even though Cannes has more individual talents than Chaumont, the team showed a little bit of instability, whether talking about the service (there were a lot of missed serves, especially during the first set) but also their defenses and the blocks (sometimes, the block was not positioned for the most optimal efficiency in between the setter and middle blocker). These mistakes are according to me why they couldn’t make the difference in this game. But let’s not forget that the team has hired a new coach, Igor Kolakovic, who has been training Cannes since mid-November, but they also integrated Milan Rasic (number 4) on January 6th, and the Brazilian player Wanderson Campos (number 19) who joined the team on January 21th. After only two weeks with this team, he had to replace Ludovic Castard (number 8) due to an ankle injury in the second set. This didn’t play in favor of the team mental spirit and Campos could not bring the team up and made lots of blocking mistakes and out hits. Furthermore, André Lopes (number 2), one of Cannes’ best outside hitter, played against his former team who could then read his game more easily. Pujol disagreed with the referee in the second set, which cost him a yellow card.

The game was close but the cohesion of Chaumont and the various mistakes made by Cannes led to the 3-0 game score. The Chaumontois’ club also transcended with a very impressive atmosphere. They screamed, yelled, sang, etc during the whole game and with a great passion and with respect for the other team.

Cannes is now occupying the 9th position on the national rankings with 22 points and Chaumont the 6th place with 26 points.

Capture d’écran 2014-02-05 à 20.40.37

These two teams have really great potential and I recommend everyone to go see them!


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