A fondue with friends, what else?

Sundays are boring! Soooo boring… And as it wasn’t enough, it usually rains… But when you decide to go eat a good meal with friends, it changes everything and sparkles the day!

I live in Couvin, in the Namur province, and to be honest, there are not that many things to do (but we still always manage to find something!), nor that many restaurants but there for sure is a really good one: L’Absolu! Half lounge bar, half restaurant, they offer a great atmosphere with music that just makes you feel good. This is how a simple drink with friends in the bar turned into a super good fondue dinner.

Located in a pedestrian area in the old part of the town, next to the church, this restaurant/lounge bar can be defined by a really chic interior. Bricks, naked wood, wooden floor, soft lights, leather chairs, uncluttered décor, high tables, lounge room, restaurant on the first floor,… All ingredients to spend a nice evening (or night?).


One Sunday every month, it is also possible to enjoy activities and concerts.

Let’s take a peak at how L’Absolu looks from the inside:

Anyway, back to my “Fondue Bourguignonne”. Being taken up in this great atmosphere, we decided to spend a nice evening and to eat a fondue, and moreover unlimited (strongly not recommended if you are on a diet!). It was absolutely delicious, with fresh meat and vegetables.


As of course, when you eat unlimited, there is always leftovers, which in my case, made my cats super happy!! So a night not to forget, enjoying the company of my friends and the deliciousness of the food… See you soon @L’Absolu!

I wanna go? Where is it?

Address: Rue du Pilori, 2 – 5660 Couvin

Tel: 060/39.00.49 or 060/37.85.28

Website: http://www.absolucouvin.be/

Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday, from 11AM to…


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