My Charity

I am currently building a charity with two friends, after one of our friends from volleyball died of cancer. This charity’s goal is to raise money for a number of causes by organizing events, mainly sporting events. This year, we will dedicate ourselves to cancer, but it will not be the case every year.

Capture d’écran 2014-03-27 à 12.36.03

For 2014, we have already planned 4 events:

–         April 26th: BMX contest in Walcourt, with a cocktail bar and a barbecue

–         May 24th: “Green Triathlon” in Olloy-sur-Viroin. Participants will be competing for 3 disciplines: kayak, VTT and running.

–          September 19th: Belgian Yellow Tigers – China. The Belgian feminine volleyball team (22th) will be playing against China (5th) in my volleyball club in Couvin!! So exciting! We are expecting at least 1000 people!

–         Augustus 15th: beach-volleyball tournament in Lac de l’Eau d’heure (Cerfontaine).

I really am excited for this association and I am convinced that we can do great things and raise a lot of money!

There will also be a website available soon Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to sponsor us or just have more info about what we do, or even if you want to collaborate with us!


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