About me

Hello there!

I don’t know how you got to my blog, but I’m glad you did!

Let me present myself before you go any further.



My name is Julie Champagne (yes I know, it’s very sparkling or at least, that’s what everyone says). The first thing that I could say about myself is that I am very social. I love to go out and to meet new people, especially from different cultures. I try to travel as much as I can, from citytrips to bigger and longer trips (usually to the US). I am very open and I think I can say I’m a cheerful person.

My biggest passion in the whole world is to play volleyball! I play since I am 6 years old and I think I would die if I couldn’t play anymore. Sport is a very important part of my life, that’s why I also try to play tennis during summer, I go biking, swimming, horse-riding, etc.

I studied a Master in Advertising & Commercial Communication @IHECS in Brussels. This year, I decided to take a new path. That’s why I joined EHSAL Management School and their post-graduate program in “Digitale Marketing & Communicatie”. If you didn’t get it while reading it, it’s given in a dutch school, which was super hard for me to adapt to at first. When I told people I was going for a one-year program after my graduation, they told me I was kind of crazy and that it didn’t really have a point. Well, now that I have spent a few months there, I can gladly say that they were wrong! First of all, I have met wonderful people and discovered a new culture (because YES, even if we are part of the same country, Belgium definitely counts different cultures). It was very interesting to see and meet with the people “on the other side” if I may say and I think I can honestly say that I made real friends, and even if we don’t always understand each other, it still works! Second of all, digital marketing is the future and I am convinced that this additional line on my resume will make the difference. It is a very practical education, given by professional guest teachers, which, according to me, leads to an explosive mixture as far as jobs are concerned.


I live in Couvin, a very small town right by France, where everyone knows each other and gossips about the very few things that happen. But you know what? I love my countryside and all the very hearted people who live there.

I have a real passion for the US, which is why I decided to go live there (Chicago) for a year in 2007. Since then, I try to go back there every year to get more pieces of that wonderful culture and their lifestyle or American way of life.

From last February to May, I completed my end-of-study internship in a Digital Advertising Agency, Lucid Fusion Inc. in Irvine, California. It was an absolutely awesome experience and I met wonderful people. It confirmed the fact that I would really love to go work and live in the US in the future…


Why I am who I am? No idea. But who really knows? All I can say is that I have been loved by my parents since the very first day and I grew up in a wonderful family. I have a brother with whom I really get along super well. My host family in the US also helped on making me the person that I am today. I will always be grateful to both my families!

Alright folks, enough about me. I hope you enjoy reading this blog and know that comments are always welcome!

Thank you!


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